G’day! I’m Lewis and welcome to my blog. I’m a data scientist in Switzerland where I build machine learning-powered applications for startups and enterprises, mostly in the domains of natural language processing, time series, and topological data analysis.

Some public examples of my work include the development of the Giotto AI “no code” deep learning platform, developing and maintaining the giotto-tda library, and the implementation of an unsupervised anomaly detection algorithm at Swiss Mobiliar. More recently, my work has focused on applying Transformers to automate business processes and solving the MLOps challenges associated with deploying these large models in enterprise environments.

In a previous life I was a theoretical physicist, where I developed quantum field theories to make sense of data from collider and dark matter experiments.

I grew up in the wild north-west of Tasmania, Australia, and outside of work I love playing guitar, trail running, and contributing to open-source projects.

I use this blog to “work in public”, which means sharing machine learning ideas and techniques that are related to my current projects or (more often) to remind my future self of things I’ve forgotten, usually in the form of TILs.